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Tevilas Keilim


Utensils that need to be immersed Instructions

  • Utensil to be immersed must be completely clean – free of dirt, dust, rust, stickers, labels or glue. (Practical Tip: WD-40 is very effective in removing adhesive)
  • One wets one’s hands in the mikvah water, holds the vessel in the wet hand and says Baruch…Asher Kidshanu B’Mitzvosav V’Tzivanu Al Tevilas Keili (Keilim for multiple utensils) and immerses the vessel(s).
  • If one forgot to make the brocha, the immersion is valid.
  • The entire vessel must be under water at one time, but does not have to be submerged for any prolonged period of time.
  • If a basket or net is used to hold small utensils, the basket should be immersed in the water, the utensils placed in the basket, and the basket swirled under the water, so that the water will touch all areas of the utensils.
  • The cover can be immersed separately if it is removable.
  • A pocket knife should be immersed in its open position so that the water will touch all areas of the blade.
  • Thermos bottle liners do not need to be removed before immersion.
  • A narrow necked bottle should be immersed neck up so that the inner surface of the bottle will fill completely with mikvah water.
  • Care must be taken that no air is trapped in the submerged vessels.
  • Anyone may toivel keilim, including a small child or a gentile, however, a Jewish adult must be present to verify that it took place. The recitation of a brocha can only be done if a Jew does the immersion. Therefore, if many utensils are to be immersed with the help of a child or a gentile, the owner should first immerse a few vessels with a brocha and then the child/gentile can take over.
  • Utensils require tevilawith a brocha when they have direct contact with food during preparation or meal time and are made from metal such as aluminum, brass, copper, gold, iron, lead, silver, steel, tin, or glass including pyrex, duralex, and corelle.


Food Utensil

Tevila Guideline

Aluminum Pans, Disposable
if intended to be used more than once
Tevila with Brocha
Aluminum Pans, Disposable
to be used only once
Tevila w/o Brocha
Blech No Tevila
Blender with metal blade on bottom Tevila with Brocha
Bone No Tevila
Brush, Pastry No Tevila
Brush for Grill, Metal No Tevila
Can Opener No Tevila
Cans, Reusable Empty
if opened by a Yehudi
No Tevila
China, Bone Tevila w/o Brocha
China, Glazed Tevila w/o Brocha
Colander, Metal Tevila with Brocha
Cookie Cutters, Metal No Tevila
Cookie Sheets, Metal Tevila with Brocha
Cork Screw No Tevila
Corningware Tevila w/o Brocha
Crockpot Ceramic Insert Tevila w/o Brocha
Crockpot Glass Lid Crockpot Glass Lid
Crockpot Outside Metal Shell No Tevila
Dish Rack, Metal No Tevila
Dishes, Ceramic Tevila w/o Brocha
Earthenware, Non-Glazed
Dull Finish, e.g. Flower Pot
No Tevila
George Foreman Grill Tevila w/o Brocha
Glass (including Pyrex, Duralex & Corelle) Tevila with Brocha
Grater, Metal
used for foods that are ready to eat, eg, apples, onions
Tevila with Brocha
Grater, Metal
used only for foods that need further cooking,eg potatos
Tevila w/o Brocha
Hamburger Maker Tevila with Brocha
Hot Air Popcorn Maker, Metal Tevila with Brocha
Hot Water Urn, Metal Tevila with Brocha
Knife, Arts & Crafts No Tevila
Knife Sharpener No Tevila
Meat Thermometer No Tevila
Meat Tenderizer Hammer,
No Tevila
Melamine No Tevila
Metal Cutlery Tevila with Brocha
Metal Flour and Sugar
Storage Canisters
Tevila w/o Brocha
Metal Pots Coated with
Teflon, Enamel or Plastic
Tevila w/o Brocha
Metal Spoon Specifically for Medicine Tevila w/o Brocha
Microwave Turntable, Glass Tevila w/o Brocha
Mixer Beaters Tevila w/o Brocha
Paper No Tevila
Peeler, Vegetable Tevila with Brocha
Plastic No Tevila
Porcelain Enamel Tevila w/o Brocha
Racks, Cooling Tevila w/o Brocha
Racks, Oven No Tevila
Rolling Pins
Metal or Wood
No Tevila
Sandwich Maker Tevila with Brocha
Silicone No Tevila
Sink Racks, Stainless Steel No Tevila
Spatula, Metal Tevila with Brocha
Stoneware Tevila w/o Brocha
Stoneware, Non-Glazed No Tevila
Storage Utensils, Glass
not brought to the table
No Tevila
Styrofoam No Tevila
Tea Kettle, Corelle Tevila with Brocha
which will not break
Tevila w/o Brocha
Toaster Oven
rack & tray only
Tevila with Brocha
Trivet, Metal No Tevila
Waffle Iron Tevila with Brocha
Warming Tray No Tevila
Wood No Tevila
Wooden Cask with
Metal Straps
Tevila w/o Brocha